1st, 3rd, Friday Meeting: 5p, 2nd Friday: noon, 4th Fri: Social, 5th Fri: No meeting
Location for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Fridays: Fogo de Chao Restaurant
360 E. Flamingo Road Las Vegas NV 89169

Club #87491 | Phone: 702-210-4201 |  PO Box 94557 Las Vegas, NV 89193
Chartered April 8, 2016

Welcome to Las Vegas WON Rotary Club


Rotary Early History / Facts / Photos

The way an organization develops is always interesting as the decades’ pass by and history is created. Rotary has also changed, modified, added and deleted numerous items over the past since its beginning in 1905. Original photographs are posted, when available, to help display the history of Rotary / Rotary International.

The following information was researched and gathered by Richard Reed, the charter president of Las Vegas WON Rotary Club. His love for Rotary / Rotary history and the creator of the only complete Rotary International Foundation Award Display, The Reed Exhibit are just some of his efforts in sharing Rotary history.

Paul Harris & Friends – First Four Rotarians – Photos

On February 23, 1905, the original four men formed the first Rotary club meeting. click here for the full story with photos.

Two Mottoes for Rotary – Photos – 1910 – Date

Starting in 1910 was the real beginning of developing Mottoes for Rotary. Most people are not aware of both mottoes of Rotary. . . Click here to see the history of 2 mottoes for Rotary.

The History of Rotary Wheel Logo – Photos

Review the history of how the Rotary wheel logo was created in 1905 and the numerous variations of change over the past 100+ years, with photos. click here.

Rotary International Presidents List / Their Rotary Club, 1910 – Date

A complete list of Rotary International Presidents to date with each President’s Rotary Club. click here.

Rotary International Presidents List / Individual Photos, 1910 – Date

A complete list of Rotary International Presidents Photographs from 1910 to date. click here.

Rotary International Presidents Themes List – Text, 1947 – Date

A complete list of Rotary International Presidents Themes Text, 1947 to date click here.

Rotary International Presidents Theme List – Images, 1954 – Date

A complete list of Rotary International Presidents Theme Images, 1954 to date. click here.

Rotary First 100 Clubs List, 1905 – 1914

A complete list of first 100 Rotary Clubs as joined Rotary, 1905 to 1914. click here.

Rotary International Conventions List, 1910 – Date

A complete list of Rotary International Conventions Held Yearly, 1910 to date. click here.

First Rotary Convention 1910 – Photos

To be completed soon… click here.

How Rotary International Foundation Was Created

To be completed soon. . . click here.