1st, 3rd, Friday Meeting: 5p, 2nd Friday: noon, 4th Fri: Social, 5th Fri: No meeting
Location for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Fridays: Fogo de Chao Restaurant
360 E. Flamingo Road Las Vegas NV 89169

Club #87491 | Phone: 702-210-4201 |  PO Box 94557 Las Vegas, NV 89193
Chartered April 8, 2016

Welcome to Las Vegas WON Rotary Club

Rotary Int Themes Las Vegas WON Rotary Club

Rotary International Yearly Text Themes 1947-Date

The Rotary International Themes actually started in 1947. However, this program got off to a rocky start. Not until 1951, at the Rotary International Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the then Rotary President, Percy C. Hodgson, made the Theme program a yearly event for future Rotary Presidents. Yearly after 1951, the Rotary President would craft a slogan and image for their year as president.

Each year in January, the incoming Rotary President, who takes office on July 1, reveals his Rotary Theme image and theme text. Rotary Themes have taken on many shapes and combinations of text. Over the years, many Rotary Theme pins and related items have gone on to be very collectible and increased in value significantly.

2023-24 Create Hope in the World
2022-23 Imagine Rotary
2021-22 Serve To Change Lives
2020-21 Rotary Opens Opportunities
2019-20 Rotary Connects the World
2018-19 Be the Inspiration
2017-18 Rotary: Making a Difference
2016-17 Rotary Serving Humanity
2015-16 Be a Gift to the World
2014-15 Light Up Rotary
2013-14 Engage Rotary Change Lives
2012-13 Peace Through Service
2011-12 Reach Within to Embrace Humanity
2010-11 Building Communities — Bridging Continents
2009-10 The Future of Rotary Is in Your Hands
2008-09 Make Dreams Real
2007-08 Rotary Shares
2006-07 Lead the Way
2005-06 Service Above Self
2004-05 Celebrate Rotary
2003-04 Lend a Hand
2002-03 Sow the Seeds of Love
2001-02 Mankind Is Our Business
2000-01 Create Awareness — Take Action
1999-00 Rotary 2000: Act with Consistency, Credibility, Continuity
1998-99 Follow Your Rotary Dream
1997-98 Show Rotary Cares — for your community, for our world, for its people
1996-97 Build the Future with Action and Vision
1995-96 Act with Integrity, Serve with Love, Work for Peace
1994-95 Be a Friend
1993-94 Believe in What You Do — Do What You Believe in
1992-93 Real Happiness Is Helping Others
1991-92 Look Beyond Yourself
1990-91 Honor Rotary with Faith and Enthusiasm
1989-90 Enjoy Rotary!
1988-89 Put Life into Rotary — Your Life
1987-88 Rotarians — United in Service — Dedicated to Peace
1986-87 Rotary Brings Hope
1985-86 You Are the Key
1984-85 Discover a New World of Service
1983-84 Share Rotary, Serve People
1982-83 Mankind Is One — Build Bridges of Friendship throughout the World
1981-82 World Understanding and Peace through Rotary
1980-81 Take Time to Serve
1979-80 Let Service Light the Way
1978-79 Reach Out
1977-78 Serve to Unite Mankind
1976-77 I Believe in Rotary
1975-76 To Dignify the Human Being
1974-75 Renew the Spirit of Rotary
1973-74 A Time for Action
1972-73 Let s Take a New Look -- And Act
1971-72 Good Will Begins With You
1970-71 Bridge the Gaps
1969-70 Review and Renew
1968-69 Participate!
1967-68 Make Your Rotary Membership Effective
1966-67 A Better World Through Rotary
1965-66 Action, Consolidation and Continuity
1964-65 Live Rotary
1963-64 Meeting Rotary s Challenge in the Space Age
1962-63 Kindle the Spark Within
1961-62 Act Aim for Action Communicate for Understanding Test for Leadership
1960-61 You are Rotary -- Live It! Express It! Expand It!
1959-60 Vislize! Personalize! Build Bridges of Friendship
1958-59 Help Shape the Future
1957-58 Enlist-Extend-Explore-Serve
1956-57 3 Targets 1956-57: 1. Keep Rotary simple; 2. More Rotary in Rotarians; 3. Learn More About Each Other
1955-56 Develop our Resources
1954-55 Six Objectives for 1954-55: 1. glean from the past and act; 2. share with others; 3. build with Rotary s 4-Way Test; 4. serving youth; 5. international good will; 6. good Rotarians are good citizens.
1953-54 Rotary is Hope in Action
1952-53 None
1951-52 None
1950-51 Goals for 1950-51: 1. In club service we must beget our heirs; 2. in vocational service honesty is still the best policy; 3. In community service we can plan for the future; 4. In international service we must reexamine our world; 5. And finally we can extend the influence of Rotary.
1949-50 Objectives of Our Team for 1949-50: 1. Each new member admitted into a Rotary club to be adequately informed about his duties and obligations BEFORE his induction -- properly introduced to the club -- and effectively assimilated into the work of the club during the first year; 2. A better understanding and application of the principles of Vocational Service as set forth in SERVICE IS MY BUSINESS; 3. A contribution to world understanding and peace through an intensification of our international service program; 4. An outstanding district conferenc
1948-49 None
1947-48 Enter to Learn, go forth to serve
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